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 About Us

Graduating from the Culinary Institute of America 97' opened many doors for me professionally.  One of the simpler takeaways at the time was curating my passion and love for the various health benefits delivered by an easily accessible & affordable drink.  Our path to success here at IdiosyncraTEAS is simple:  Stay obsessed with our customer's satisfaction.  The same attention to detail which opened the door to my first 5-star residency, is the same attention brought to each cup of IdiosyncraTEA - the details make each cup & dish unique.

- All of our products are manufactured in an FDA approved facility in the USA 

- We aim to process orders within 24 hours of receipt.  

-Please inquire about loose leaf, k-cup, and wholesale opportunities 



Dry black tea and fresh tea leaf isolated on a white background. Black Ceylon tea..jpg
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