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Green Tea Cocktail

Have you ever thought about using Teas for your cocktails?

There are many exciting variations of tea-infused cocktails. Check out this trendy and popular Green Tea Cocktail recipe below! This is a refreshing drink that will impress your guests or can be just for you to relax and enjoy.


  • Water:

  • Green Tea: Green tea bags, but you can use loose leaf tea if you prefer. If you use loose leaf you will need 8 teaspoons.

  • Lemon & Mint: Lemon and mint work well with green tea.

  • Honey: Honey balances out the bitterness of the green tea.

  • Cucumber Or Strawberries: Added to the pitcher to add color and flavor. Optional.

  • Vodka: Tito's vodka, but you can use your favorite brand or whatever you have to hand.

  • Ice cubes:


  • Add the tea bags, lemon and mint to just boiled water and let brew.

  • Remove the tea bags, lemon and mint, stir in honey and let cool.

  • Add the sliced fruit and cucumber to a pitcher with ice cubes and pour over vodka.

  • Add the green tea to the pitcher and finish with mint sprigs.

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