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Tea Adventures in Croatia

Take a Tea Tour with IdiosyncraTEAS in Croatia!

Bol, Croatia with IdiosyncraTEAS
Bol, Croatia with IdiosyncraTEAS

Our European Tea adventures started in Croatia! A beautiful country and coast line unlike any other.

Croatia is not overtly known for Tea drinking but is known for having an amazing café culture, coffee being the favorite drink. Even though coffee is the prominent drink we did find Tea!

We started our adventures on the island of Hvar, Croatia. Havar is the most well known island amid the Croatian Dalmatian islands. Its nautical location is what makes Hvar an ideal destination for boaters and island hoppers with a landscape of lavender fields, cliffs and beautiful beaches.

Hvar, Croatia - with IdiosyncraTEAS
Hvar, Croatia - with IdiosyncraTEAS

Croatia is known for Homemade food and fresh ingredients that will have you beyond satisfied whether you’re a foodie or not, there is a good chance you will become one after a trip to Croatia.

Varadero Cocktail Bar - Bol, Croatia with IdiosyncraTEAS
Varadero Cocktail Bar - Bol, Croatia with IdiosyncraTEAS

We made our way to Bol, Croatia where we stopped at Varadero Cocktail Bar where we found Homemade Ice Tea with Lemon and Mint!

This was fresh and simply amazing! Varadero Cocktail Bar is on the water, with plenty of outdoor seating and shade, a must try.

Stay tuned for more of our Tea Adventures!

Varadero Cocktail Bar

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